Old Distributorship Opportunities Are Losing Traction

Most distributorship opportunities are running into trouble these days..

People who are selling Cosmetics, vitamins and juices are starting to run out of people to talk to. The main reason for this has to do with the type of product Network Marketers are promoting. If you think about it, most of the products out there are really just lotions and potions.

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This article is not intended to anger any Distributors in Avon, Mary Kay, Herbalife, Arbonne, Shacklee or Usana. You and I may understand that there are big differences between these companies, but unfortunately your target market may not. You could be talking about vitamins to someone who has never heard of YOUR company, but if they have heard of a SIMILAR company, it won’t matter.

You see, in your prospects mind, vitamins are vitamins and they are all the same. The skin care product you are talking about is exactly the same as the one they heard about last week.

This can be a cause of frustration to many Network Marketers out there. It’s hard to make people understand exactly why your product is different. Competition can be a real pain in the neck sometimes! In all reality, this has become such a frustration that many network marketers are leaving their old companies and moving to one that has no competition.

It’s funny when you think about it really. The majority of distributorship opportunities fall into the cosmetics, lotions and potions and or services field. This is why one network marketing opportunity has been making a lot of progress in the past year. If you have not heard of Numis Network, its time you paid attention.

How to Generate 50+ Leads per Day!

Numis Network deals in certified Silver and Gold coins. Now, whether you know anything about coins or not doesn’t actually matter. What does matter is that you realize how powerful Silver and Gold have become in today’s economy. Now, Numis Network is not an investment company however they do sell Gold and Silver. It’s fantastic to know that the product you are purchasing is an asset.

Many network marketers have been trained to think about dealing in consumable goods. This way, when it runs out, people will purchase more! But what about when you have used a thousand dollars worth of product in a year? That money is gone. Distributors in Numis Network would still have about a thousand dollars worth of gold and silver coins to brag about.

It’s a shift among distributorship opportunities that has many people thinking twice about the products they promote. Now, to come full circle, how many times has someone been pitched gold and silver when it comes to a distributor opportunity? I can say the safe bet is close to zero. Tons and tons of people already know about the lotions, potions, vitamin and service oriented network marketing companies. However, few have seen a company that promotes gold and silver assets.

Regardless of which ever network marketing company you choose, you should think about this. Most people join a network marketing company because of the income opportunity. They want to make money. Doesn’t it make sense to stay close to this truth? If you are dealing certain forms of money then you may not be too far away from making your next sale.


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